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More sentence patterns 1.What the old boys in the tribe played was called Throwing-Them_Off_Their- Horses. 2. A medicine man called Creeping came and cured patients in the tribe when the winter made that a lot of Indians got snowblind. 3. A great Crazy Horse’s father, with whom Black Elk’s father had relative relationship, was under control of the Sioux. 4. Throwing-Them-Off-Their-Horse which only older boys played aimed that every male can be prepared for the way all the time. 5. What Black Elk’s father got hurted was his legs that Wasichus broke. 6. When the dog attempted to escape, why Five Thunder didn’t shoot at it was that the
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Unformatted text preview: dog seemed so sweet. 7. The Indians to whom the Wasichus lost left all the dead colleagues around the hill and took the wounded back the tepee. 8. The Indians hid in the gullies in both sides of the ridge to wait for Wasichus whom horsebacks coaxed to the gullies. 9. Black Elk to whom the Wasichus was coming held a sorrel and begun killing the escaping white men. 10. Red Cloud was over all of the Indians warriors whom Big Road indeed had the greatest authority to control....
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