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Vocabulary a. Temperance Temperance means the ability that people have to control their behavior well. b. Silence Silence states a situation that surrounding environment is extremely quiet. c. Order Order means a way in which people or things are arranged with particular relationship. d. Resolution Resolution means a decision by a council or a committee, or means the action of solving problem or eliminate harsh condition. e. Frugality People who has frugality usually save money by seldom spending money or do not cause any unnecessary consumption. f. Industry People of industry are hard-working. g. Sincerity People of sincerity never lie and show their real feeling in front of others. h. Justice Justice means a fair treatment to anyone. i. Moderation Moderation means a reasonable level, extend, or amount. j. Cleanliness Cleanliness means a clean environment, a clean situation or a habit of keeping everything clean. k. Tranquility Tranquility means a peaceful and quiet situation. l. Chastity Chastity means a state of not having sexual behavior with anyone. m. Humility Humility means a quality of not thinking that you are better than others and will never be proud.
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What kind of books did Franklin read, and in what ways did they influence him? Explain what book has influenced you? Franklin mainly read the books about religion and history but also read some other types of book such as Essay on Project, a book talks about economy. Among of these books, the books called Essay on Project and Essays To Do Good respectively have influence on his principle future events. For example, Franklin has a good friend called John Collins, having dispute with Franklin usually, and Franklin once have a severe dispute with his friend over a topic about propriety of education female sex in learning and their abilities for study. John
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Reading questions 1 - Vocabulary a. Temperance Temperance...

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