Reading questions 2 - What did Douglas know about his...

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What did Douglas know about his family, and what else did he want to know? What did James find out about his mother regarding her qualities? He knows extremely little about his family. Douglas’s mother died when Douglas was just seven years old, and he had seen his mother just four to five times before her death. They had such a little time to meet because his mother was slave and needed to walk a really long distance in order to see Douglas, living with his master when he was still young. About Douglas’s father, Douglas listened from some unreliable whisper stating that his master was his father, but such whisper could not be believed no doubt because children of all slave women, by law established , should all cases follow their mother’s condition. To fulfill the master’s wicked desire to take this advantage and meanwhile fulfill their evil lust, these masters will therefore took sexual intercourse with these slave mothers. If the Douglas’s master had done it was a mystery, so Douglas could make sure if his master was his father. Douglas wants to know the information about himself because he, a slave, knows very little about himself. For instance, every white boy can speak out their birthday and age, but Douglas can never do it because he had been made ignorant by his master because his master wanted to control his slave, Douglas, forever. Indeed, to rule the slave ever, every master never let their slaves to learn how to read and write, and deemed that slaves asked about their parentage or anything about themselves impertinent. In The Sky is Grey, James found out that his mother was a brave woman with deep love about her children and “male chauvinism.” For instance, James loved his mother but never expressed his emotion to his mother since his mother didn’t like “crybaby stuff.” At the end of the story, James felt so cold that he turned up his coast collar, but his mother turned it right back because she didn’t want his son seemed like a bum. These events showed that his mother possessed “male chauvinism.” In addition, she was brave because she heaved the pimp at the time when the pimp philandered her. As a women with three kids, James’s mother knew that her kids will have no parents care about them if she had any accident. However, she still defended her pride by teaching the pimp a lesson, and such action revealed that she was brave. Also, even though James’s family was woefully poor, his mother still bought James’s some cakes and milk and just left herself a cup of coffee when both of them feel cold and hungry. Such behavior pointed out that she really cared about her sons.
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What were the reasons that Mr. Auld treated Douglas in the way he did? And what were the reasons that Mrs. Auld turned against Douglas? What were the reasons that the white couple in “The Sky is Gray” treated James and his mother in the way they did? When Mrs. Auld wanted further taught Douglas to spell words of three or four
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Reading questions 2 - What did Douglas know about his...

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