Reading questions 4 - Describe the life of both Granny and...

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Describe the life of both Granny and Nanny. What did they expect compared to what they experienced? Describe the life of your grandmother. In what ways do their lives contrast and compare? As a bride, Granny was unfortunately jilted by his bridegroom, George, when she had ready for the wedding. Four children had been left for Granny to take care. Without anyone’s help, Granny brought up her children harshly. After her children had grown up and even some of them had their kids, Granny seemed to start having cheerful life but unfortunately got a serious fever at her sixty. This fever spent her twenty years to cure, but she had not recovered from the illness and finally died at her eighty. Similarly, Nanny was also a bride but had a loyal husband. Nanny used to live a community with limited freedom. With her bravery, Nanny decided to follow her love, Walt, to pioneer the ranching life in the west. She had a joyful and wild life over there and had her two babies born during the life in the west. However, unfortunately, her husband died when they first moved into a town. Granny expected to have a amazing marriage with her husband and cute kids. However, in reality, she was jilted and brought up her kids independently. Her entire life had never happened any joyful events. Similarly but better, Nanny experienced to have a romantic and comfortable life in the west with ranching business. However, she experienced a harsh learning process at the beginning and got her house, including the range, burnt by the Indians. However, at least, she had experienced a happy but short period in the west. As a woman in the past, my grandmother experienced similar and harsh life compared with Granny’s life and Nanny’s life. Since living in a period of war, many women, including my grandmother, were required to reproduce considerable kids because of the worry about accidental death. With my grandfather was busy to work, my grandmother had a hard time to bring up all her sons. Just like the sense that Granny was jilted by George and needed to bring up her kids independently. Also, in the past, Chinese women were considered to work as housewife without other choice. Because of this tradition, my grandmother was prohibited from studying so had limited education. Just like Nanny pursued freedom, lack in her hometown, West Virginia.
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What are the similarities between Black Elk’s encounters with white people and Nanny’s encounters with the Indians? Your countries also have large ethnic populations. What stereotypes do people use to describe these ethnic people? Both of Black Elk and Nanny encountered invasion. Having lived at the time when gold was found around his living place, Black Elk encountered arrival of stream of white people who sake for gold. At the beginning, the Indians were willing to cite some land to the settlers for construction of road. However, later the white people took over the most productive land originally possessed by the Indians, and most Indians later died due to starvation. Even though later having signed up several
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Reading questions 4 - Describe the life of both Granny and...

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