Reading questions 5 - 1 Why did Carnegies family decide to...

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1. Why did Carnegie’s family decide to come to America? In what ways are your reasons for coming to America the same or different from Carnegie’s? Carnegie’s family come to America because of Carnegie’s father’s unemployment. His father was the only bread-winner in the family and a master weaver employing apprentices to work together in factory. However, as hand-loom was developed, factories no longer need a lot of workers to make cloth because the loom dramatically increases the production rate. Since having relatives over America, Carnegie’s family join them to make living. Different from Carnegie, I go to America for advanced education for several reasons. First, in my hometown, Hong Kong, I hardly get into the university because of the lack of university which causes great competition among students attempting get involved into university. Second, even though I can get into the greatest university in my hometown, this university, compared the world-class institute around the world, does not have very high rank. I can hardly get a well-paid job in other countries if graduating from this university. Also, I can find more world-class professors teaching my major in America, especially in California, because considerable amount of the renowned institutes gather there, such as Cal Tech, UC Berkeley and Stanford. Third, as a Asian city, Hong Kong adopts mother language education and mainstream of natives speak only in Chinese. Because of the increasing importance of English around the world, I decides to go America, a country has English as mother language, to gain a better proficiency in English.
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2. Describe how Carnegie’s earlier jobs contributed to his later success. Working as a “bobbin boy” was Carnegie’s first job. Getting very early and working in the early morning when the sky was still dark, Carnegies experienced hardship from working as a “bobbin boy” and starts thinking that he must change his status. This job really gives him a motivation to succeed. Later, because of the his relatives, Carnegie started working in a cotton factory and became a clerk. However, the low salary of these two jobs couldn’t satisfy Carnegie. Therefore, he soon gets his third job, working as message boy in a telegraph office. There, he was forced to become familiar to the firms and address of men, both of which made a habit of receiving telegrams. Having sensitive ears, Carnegie soon became an operator and have more chance to accumulate money because of the higher salary and fringe benefit. For example, he helped six newspapers to receive dispatch from a man and receive a gold dollar every week. Later, Carnegie met Thomas A. Scott, a superintendent of Pennsylvania Railroad, who offered Carnegie a chance to buy shares of a company.
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Reading questions 5 - 1 Why did Carnegies family decide to...

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