Reading questions 6 - 1. What motivated Addams to create...

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1. What motivated Addams to create experimental programs, such as Hull- House, to fight poverty? In other words, why would she give up a life of wealth to devote her time to helping the homeless? Where does that belief come from? Because a lot of her classmates in missionary school became successful or had made some achievement none of which was related to Settlement, Addams, also wanting to make some attainment, gradually developed a idea to help residents in the Settlement. Some of her classmates made social program which assists the people in need. For example, one of them became a teacher of blind. At that time, seldom people would work as a teacher of the handicapped. Also, one of them became a pioneer librarian to borrow books to people who love reading. On the other hand, believing that a lot of residents in Settlement have primitive needs, Addams, as a student of missionary school having sympathy, wanted to helped the residents, especially the women. For example, at that moment, a lot of women did not have the chance to learn because of the heavy daily work and the work to looking after the kids. In addition, because of variety of culture among the immigrants, a large social gap between them made them isolated from each other and not active to help each other. Therefore, Addams also wanted to established a enterprise to unite the immigrants and meanwhile gave them essential assistance like food, drink, accommodation and even money.
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2. How are the ideas and social projects of Carnegie and Addams similar? Carnegie has set forth three modes to dispose of the excess wealth in the society and highly suggests that the wealth should be spent on public. Deeming bequeathing the legacy by its successor improper, Carnegie thinks that if the successor is a fool, the estate will be probably transferred to the foreigners rather than the people in the nation. Also, Carnegie has already admitted that inequality really exists in the community and a unfair distribution of wealth cannot not be avoided if the civilization must be promoted. However, if the legacy is continuously held by a particular family,
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Reading questions 6 - 1. What motivated Addams to create...

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