Research paper 1 - Hok Lam Chong ESL 33B 10:30a.m 1:30p.m...

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Hok Lam Chong ESL 33B 10:30a.m – 1:30p.m Qualities of successful people Success should be properly defined as attainment or achievement of certain goals. Only achieving their own goals, people will be still deemed successful even though not gaining any prestigious title, tremendous salary or dominant authority. Therefore, anybody can succeed in endless ways, and generally speaking, successful people possess certain qualities which normal people will not possess all. First, successful people have a dream with a well-scheduled plan. They know what they want to obtain and never think that their dream will never come true because they know that they will never succeed without dream. Dream gives them hope which then pushes them to be motivated. Also, a well-defined plan makes their dream become more realistic rather than “theoretical” and avoid a situation that they resolve any problem at the time when they first encounter the problem. A plan considers all the potential problems they will encounter, so they will have more confidence and be more sophisticated when the problems really came out. For example, a lot of students claim that they do not have sufficient time to complete the test when failing the test. Indeed, if these students have already figure out a flawless plan such as skipping the questions first once they do not know how to do the questions, bringing a timer beside themselves and set up a maximum time consumed on each question, they will probably have sufficient time to finish all the questions. Another example likes Douglass, a black person struggling blacks’ right and blacks’ freedom, made a plan to escape from his master before really implementing the escape. He had considered almost all the hazard like the guard in the ferry, sentinel on the bridge, patrol in the woods and deadly organisms like scorpions and snakes. Without such a plan, Douglass would never succeed in escaping to the north of America (48-49). The last example is native Americans, the Indians, mentioned in “Black Elk.” When having attempted to attack the settlers, the Indians also had a perfect strategy. They hid between the gullies nearby the settlers’ town, and the horseback coaxed the settlers to come over there. Once the settlers came there, the Indians implemented a strike on them and finally won their first triumph (73-74). These examples show the importance of plan for a dream.
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Second, successful people have perseverance. Perseverance is not only necessary for
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Research paper 1 - Hok Lam Chong ESL 33B 10:30a.m 1:30p.m...

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