Research Paper 2 - Hok Lam Chong ESL 33B 10:30a.m. 1:30p.m....

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Hok Lam Chong ESL 33B 10:30a.m. – 1:30p.m. Pioneer American Women As a pioneer woman, Nanny succeeds in pursuing her freedom and makes choice in her marriage. Here, pioneer woman means a woman, the first person in particular flied, or a woman moving to the West in 20 th century. Because of this definition, some other pioneer women in America share similar experience and personalities compared with Nanny’s. This paper focuses on exploiting the pioneer women qualities. At the aspect of experience, all pioneer women had conflict with the tradition or family. Nanny, as a citizen in West Virginia , originally lived with her parents. When Nanny claims to move to the West with Walt, her parents strongly protested her decision because of not only Walt’s rebellious personality, but also the lonesome living environment in the West (P.109). Similarly, In 1955, Rosa Parks, the pioneer women whom the U.S government called “Mother of the Modern-Day Civil rights Movement,” offended the Jim Crows Las and gave up her seat to a white man. At that time, under the Jim Crows Law, white people and blacks are segregated into two regions in the bus, and that white people and blacks sit in same region affronted the law. Before Rosa, nobody had done the same action (“Rosa Parks”). Rice, the 66th United States Secretary of State, was the first black woman served in this vital position. Because of racial discrimination, many blacks, like Rice, hardly got any important position in any government department. Apart from racial discrimination, gender discrimination, proposing that women are less able than men, was also a obstacle preventing blacks from getting to higher position in social ladder. Being the first black and female United States Secretary of State, Rice had broken these two brief (“Condoleezza”). Madonna, ranked as the best-selling female rock star in 20 th century, was strongly criticized by religious conservatives and Vatican because of her wild image. Also, she was the first American lady using sexual material to write song and books, both of which received backlash at that moment (“Madonna”). Margaret Mitchell, the author of the book called “Gone with the wind,” was the first female columnist in the South’s most gigantic newspaper. The work experience from working as columnist gives base to her successful hand-writing (“Mitchell”).
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Research Paper 2 - Hok Lam Chong ESL 33B 10:30a.m. 1:30p.m....

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