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Hok Lam Chong ESL 33B 10:30am – 1:30pm Qualities of American characters American characters in various stories possess some similar qualities because the writers usually want to express some ideas by creating a character who has certain characteristics and performed some behavior to express what the writer attempts to express. Possessing some qualities, these American characters may act as a positive or negative “teaching materials,” for the readers. First, American characters possess individuality and self-reliance. Usually, the protagonists in a story are a hero or successful man, and almost all successful men must have this quality because without self-reliance, they will give up easily on the way to strive for their dream. James, the protagonist in the Sky is blue, is the oldest children in his family and always need to act as “a giant,” in his family because his mother doesn’t like his son does any “crybaby stuffs.” Thus, James has a really grim childhood because needing to handle all his problems himself. For example, he needed to pretend not to be afraid of darkness in front of his siblings and endured the bitter cold and hunger when waiting to see the dentist (p.409, 425-432). Knowing that his family had woeful financial problem, James just made his toothache a secret and endured the pain every moment (p.409). Another example should be Benjamin Franklin, the Founding Fathers of United State. Having a fond of reading, Franklin when working in his brother printer shop as a apprentice, stole books in the shop to read (p.4). Because his brother doesn’t deem him proper to write article for the his brother’s newspaper, Franklin, keen on writing for the newsletter as a columnist, just kept writing his article and sent these anonymous article to his brothers. Although without any assistance from his family, Franklin, with only two years of formal education, still could read and learn by self-reliance. Douglass, an American hero spending all his lifetime pursuing blacks’ rights, is a more extreme example. Working as a slave, Douglass had already experienced hardship at his early age (p.32). Because of sent to his master at his early age, Douglass, had seen his mother only few times in his life, needed to handle every problem himself. Granny, the protagonist in The Jilting of Granny Weatherall, was a bride jilted by a bridegroom, brought up her children only by herself. She hadn’t given up her children even getting no assistance
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from others (“The Jilting”.) All of these characters have shown a strong individuality ensuring their success. Second, they have creativity to replace the old tradition with new one. As successful
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Research Paper 3 - Hok Lam Chong ESL 33B 10:30am 1:30pm...

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