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Sentence Combination 2 - 5 Different from American model...

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1. American students often cram for quizzes and exams, but European students tend to distribute and integrate learning. 2. The contrasting patterns of assessment cause such dramatic difference in student behavior. 3. Because assuming students do not enjoy studying and must be monitored on a regular basis, American schools employ continuous assessment. 4. Instructors set up a schedule of quizzes and exams, which students organize their studying accordingly, and students put off reading and cram at last minutes.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Different from American model, European schools test students at year’s end or delay the testing for two or more years. 6. Understanding a process of cramming is useless, European students must organize their own time and discipline themselves to study. 7. Because of having one chance to pass an exam, European students seriously take the exam on which their future rides on. 8. The American system rewards students for cramming, but European model rewards genuine learning...
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