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Summary of “Case against colleges” All the youngsters who are interested in learning, intend to become a teacher, or intend to get advanced degrees are right people in college. However, in reality, a large portion of college students are just the learning disabled, slacker and people who aren’t interested in studying. For example, Pamela Gerhardt, a professor in University of Maryland, has a lot of students who are always late to her classes, make excuse to leave early, and turn in homework late. Also, her students feel bored to write formal paper focusing on social or world’s problems and simply want to write informal stuff focusing on their interest such as football game. Some people, including author Cassandras, started arguing that college education has been wasted on the youths from the time it started, but the author don’t think so and believe that the students in the past were better, and the college education is wasted on the today’s adolescents. However, on the other hand, author Caroline Bird argued that study has showed that
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