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Kamila Valiyeva Comp # 3

Kamila Valiyeva Comp # 3 - Kamila Valiyeva ENGL 0346-56990...

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Kamila Valiyeva ENGL 0346-56990 Jaclyn Campion November 12, 2010 My Regrettable Experience of My Life I want to tell you how I missed the registration to the college. It was happened when I was 17. I should have registered in January, because I wanted to start in January but tried to in February. Unfortunately, it was so too late. And now I have experience to be careful with that. The registration started in November and ended in February. I thought the system as in my country. We have to take the classes only in September. Also we have to study for three and more years without brakes. I mean we need to register every year. In additional, we have the holidays as every country but we cannot keep the learning going if you did not study even one year. Anyway, I did not decide to go to the counselor probably now I would take academic classes and my learning English would be better than now. Furthermore, I regret because I gave all money for college to my cousin because He was so sad with car accident. Perhaps I shouldn't
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