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journal 4 - K A M I LA VALIYEVA ENGL 0346-56990 JACLYN...

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KAMILA VALIYEVA ENGL 0346-56990 JACLYN CAMPION NOVEMBER 18, 2010 Journal #4 I don’t like to talk on phone, but I have friends with whom I can talk all free time. And one day I went to friend’s house for doing homework but actually we were a little distracted from Homework. She suggested doing something for fun, because there was nothing to do for fun except phone, we decided to call for different numbers and make fun on that people. First we supposed think up how to make fun and it was about to call to people and pretend like you are calling from one famous TV show. There was program that run all day long in our country named “polechudes” and we decided to use that program. I begun to call
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