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Kamila Valiyeva ENGL 0346-56990 Jaclyn Campion 11/30/10 The Important Thing That I Have Learned When I had the problem with my documents I’ve learned more resourceful information. It was in Houston and that day I had the appointment in immigration office. Before this day I asked my brother to drop me. Actually, he disappeared and I couldn’t believe it that he left me alone with my problems. After I understand that my brother didn’t get it seriously. Then I was angry with him for three month. And I told to my friend to help me. She is 29 years old and has many connection and relations with college and
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Unformatted text preview: immigration office. When she was driving to immigration office she explained to me how I can be more responsible and she advised to me: ‘Don’t trust to someone. Just trust only yourself. Do everything in your own and on time. And one day nobody can’t help you even your brother as this day”. I got everything. Also she helped me with my documents. She let me to breath and feels the freedom. Because Now I live with her, but before I had been living with my brother for one year. And he always did everything for me as I did....
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