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the women's magzines - Aiko Ugizbayeva 3b The Womens...

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Aiko Ugizbayeva 3b 04/05/2010 The Women’s magazines The facilities of getting information change from year to year with us. In the past people could find out the latest news from the newspapers, but nowadays it changes to the magazines with colorful, fashionable and entertainments folders. With magazines it’s not so hard to find out that you want, for instance, there are such kinds of magazines, such us sport’s magazines, car’ magazines and baby care magazines. it won’t be a mistake, if I tell that we all live with magazines! The last times many people use the magazines from baby ages until getting old, because our parents use the magazines to care about their children, how to feed, to grow, even how to change their babies’ way they want. Also the magazines differently apply to ages. For example, magazines for teenagers are covered with bright funny pictures, adult’s magazines look the opposite. I think it’s very good to have such varies of magazines! especially for people who can’t afford them to go abroad, they can look any cities or country in the magazines. it’s as well as for people who travels a lot, in travelling magazines they can find the places and book some beautiful places on vacations. So, there are lots of magazines, but I want to tell about three kinds of them. First, fashion magazines are more interesting and best sell magazines in the world, because many girls and women, it doesn’t matter where they are from, want always too look good and fashionable. One of the first international Women’s magazines is Cosmopolitan, launched in 1886. Like other magazines it includes a lots of information about world’s fashion, for example, last fashion clothes, make ups and jewelers, accessories and many-many healthy
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advices. Women’s fashion magazines introduce us with latest fashion brands, also they can help
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the women's magzines - Aiko Ugizbayeva 3b The Womens...

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