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Manson creter - deaths of the dinosaurs Manson's annual...

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Manson, Iowa Largest Crater in the United States Barringer Crater in Arizona might be the most picture-worthy crater but in order to find the largest crater you have to travel to Mason City, Iowa. Where Arizona's biggest crater measured only half a kilometer in diameter and left a 1.2 km diameter crater, Manson's meteorite was 2 km in diameter and left a whopping 38 km diameter crater! Only problem is a later ice age wore the crater smooth and filled it with rocks from far North, leaving the site as flat as a pancake. Still, the crater is actually there and if you ask the good people at the local library they will show you articles and artifacts related to the crater.
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Manson, Iowa - Great Crater - Meteorite Dinosaur Killer? Manson lies near the center of a 24 mile wide crater that was created 74 million years ago when a meteorite crashed to earth. Researchers believed at one time that this meteorite caused the
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Unformatted text preview: deaths of the dinosaurs. Manson's annual celebration is called "Greater Crater Days" in honor of the much-studied yet invisible crater. Manson Crater is located near the site of Manson, Iowa. Evendence is shown where a meteorite landed 74 million years ago. It was one of the biggest impacts by an object from outer space to happen in North America and was previously thought to have led to the extinction of the dinosaurs until age dating tests proved that Manson Crater was too old. No surface evidence exists due to coverage by glacial till and the site where the crater lies buried is now a flat landscape. But, hidden about 20 to 90 metres below the surface is a buried structure about 38 km in diameter. It lies under the southeast corner of Pocahontas County and extends under portions of three adjoining counties.The impactor is considered to have been a stoney meteorite about two kilometres in diameter....
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Manson creter - deaths of the dinosaurs Manson's annual...

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