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varities - 3393 Spring Carrots Campestar 3390 Autumn...

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Variety  Name Code No Crop Time Dwarf french Beans Annabel 3088 Summer Dwarf french Beans The Prince 3097 Summer Dwarf french Beans Masterprice 3092 Summer Cabbage Spring Hero 3333 Spring Cabbage Cosair 3357 Winter Carrots Cardinal 3389 Spring Carrots Rocket
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Unformatted text preview: 3393 Spring Carrots Campestar 3390 Autumn Lettuce Tom Thumb 3681 Summer Lettuce Lakeland 3677 Summer Lattuce Valdor 3706 Winter Peas Meteor 3009 Autumn Peas Little Marvel 3007 Spring Peas Onward 3062 Summer...
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