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Rebecca Pizzello Writing Lesson Tori Griffith/Kindergarten/Adam’s Elementary Objective: Students will be able to interpret a piece of literature by drawing and writing their visualizations in their journals. Grade Level: Kindergarten Standard: Strand 3: Writing Applications Concept 5: Literary Response: Literary response is the writer’s reaction to a literary selection. The response includes the writer’s interpretation, analysis, opinion, and/or feelings about the piece of literature and selected elements within it. PO 2: Participate in a group discussion in response to a given piece of literature that connects: text to self (personal connection). Learning Context: This activity will help the students understand the meaning of guided imagery. The script I will read to them will allow them to relax and open up their minds. This guided imagery passage can enhance learning, academic performance, and optimal behavior. This activity will teach these students the qualities that build inner strength and self control through guided imagery. After listening to the descriptive passage, the students will then record their thoughts by writing and drawing exactly what comes to their mind. This is a great way for students to become familiar with using descriptive words and vocabulary. When we have our group discussion after the passage is read, I will include questions about the five senses; sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch, but I will also include emotion. This will help the children become more familiar with their five senses and will hopefully create a new door opening to writing for them. In this Kindergarten class, there are word walls and alphabet charts all over the classroom. They may also use a dictionary if able to. I will also be walking around to each table to make sure each student is doing okay and understands the activity. Procedure: a. The students have been writing in their journals every day since the beginning of the school year. They have gone from only drawing pictures, to drawing pictures with letters or words, and now they are able to draw pictures and write a sentence about what they have drawn. This activity will help them think of new ideas to write and draw in their journals. They tend to do the exact same drawings and pictures every day, so this lesson will provide them with new thoughts and ideas for their future journal entries. To begin, I will have all the students gather circle center on the rug. Thanksgiving is only a few days away so this lesson will get the children excited for the holiday. “Today we will be learning about Thanksgiving! Who can tell me something about Thanksgiving? What do you eat for dinner? A turkey? Or does your family do something different? Where do you go for Thanksgiving? Do you stay at your house or do you go somewhere? Who do you celebrate Thanksgiving with? What is your favorite thing about Thanksgiving? Let’s share some stories, who would like to share first?” After allowing time to
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1bp - Rebecca Pizzello Writing Lesson Tori...

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