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Chelsea Leshe

Chelsea Leshe - Chelsea Leshe Migration Project Brigham...

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Chelsea Leshe Migration Project Brigham Young was born in Vermont in 1801 to a family of farmers. He left home in 1817 and became an apprentice to a carpenter in New York. It took him five years to become a master carpenter, many of the pieces that he constructed still exist today. In 1824 Brigham Young married his first wife Miriam Angeline Works and they joined the Methodist Church. A year after they were married they had their first child whom they named Elizabeth. The family then moved to Oswego where Brigham joined a religious society. Brigham moved yet again in 1828 to be closer to his father and the rest of his family. Shortly after they had moved Miriam gave birth to their second child and shortly after developed tuberculosis and Brigham became her primary caretaker. A brother of Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon Church passed through the town that Brigham was living in and gave a copy of the Book of Mormon to Brigham’s brother, who passed it along to him after he read it.
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