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William Young- English final draft - 1 William Young...

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1 William Young English 101 Dr. Skeen Descriptions: Techniques That Constitute the Angle of Vision Positive Description Many characteristics of a learning environment effect how students learn in that particular environment. When someone enters the English 101 classroom, they can immediately notice its great atmosphere to learn in. The numbers of chairs are scarce, which insinuates a small student to teacher ratio with lots of one-on-one learning. The teacher’s undivided attention can immediately be placed on you with the action of one simple raise of a hand, while a teacher may never even know your name or face in a large lecture class with over 100 students. The light blue colored paint cloaks the walls and encloses the white boards while giving the room an essence of peace and tranquility. These walls pose no threat of distraction, only concentration on the task at hand. The carpet is no different. The constant use of the whiteboard contributes to the maintenance worker’s never ending struggle to make the board completely white again. While the walls and carpet may be plain and simple, the technology in the room is intricate and cutting edge. The grey Cannon projector hangs from the ceiling by a black rod like a fancy chandelier, with its light waiting to shine and share all of its knowledge on the canvas. There is a Mac pro computer located on Dr. Skeen’s desk. Its silver and sleek complexion works perfectly alongside the Cannon projector. These two combined with Dr. Skeen’s complex English knowledge make the perfect technology teaching trio. The ASU Blackboard website is also a great recourse for
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2 students as they can check all of their assignments as well as any information they might need to know about the class whenever they want. Negative Description The English classroom has little to offer when it comes to a nice and effective learning environment. First of all, the dull blue color on the walls in the room could put someone to sleep by itself, while the faded green color of the carpet offers no help. The tables are set up in rows like pews in a church, one after another until they meet with the back of the room. While this may suffice for audience that solely listens, it does not promote interaction and class discussion among the students and teachers. Rather a circular seating arrangement would allow students to be able to see each other and converse ideas brought up in class. The writing left on the dry erase
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William Young- English final draft - 1 William Young...

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