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SOC 101 - SOC 101 Fey Roxy Baldovin Extra Credit Structural...

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SOC 101 Fey Roxy Baldovin Extra Credit Structural Functionalism is a macro-oriented paradigm that views society as a sort of jigsaw puzzle; every part is necessary for the picture to work. This sort of system shows how society is a community that unconsciously works together; the movie A Day Without a Mexican perfectly depicts this social institution. In this 2004 movie directed by Israeli Yareli Arizmendi, all the Mexicans of California disappear for a time period that seems to drag on much longer than a day. In order for the non-hispanic California residents to realize how much they depend on the Mexicans for everyday things such as fresh produce and a clean house, the Mexicans must vanish. It is a sad reality that we face; the bourgeoisie are ignorant to how much the lower proletariats do for them. Society would be an absolute mess without class variety; a country can not survive with a population full of rich, white businessmen the same way it can’t survive simply with immigrant farm workers. Our society, as well as most functional societies are interdependent, hence the name “Structural functionalism” … in order to be functional, societies must have social structure and stability.
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In the film, the newly elected extremist Anti-immigration senator is aptly named Steve Abercrombie … Abercrombie epitomizes conservative Caucasians who are entirely uncultured and have no desire to delve deeper into other cultures, which is frankly a shame. This is sort of a play on words because Abercrombie is a popular brand among middle Americans. Abercrombie’s wife plays into the stereotype of being a wealthy man’s life partner as well – someone who has never
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