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Callahan Turner Eng 101 Writing assignment #2 10/06/10 Our Outside Home Tree's blowing in the autumn wind, grass stretching from road to road, and swings swaying to and fro as adolescence grows and matures. This is the description of a Neighborhood Park in Arizona. Not just any park, but the park that I grew up at. Here, at Meyer Park, you will find anything from the casual jogger, to an up and coming football player trying to make a name for himself. The park itself is used as a recreational center for activities, sports, health, and an overall well being. The parks main attractions like the basketball court and the playground all have cement walkways leading guests to each one. And by the rust and deterioration you can see that the park is used very well. But why is this park here, what purpose does it have for the people using it? I believe this park represents a playing field to test their determination to staying active, healthy, and of course not being lazy. I am sure everyone has been to the park. We are all sent their as young children when the confines of our home become too boring and dull or recess begins at school. When you are there your fun consists of sliding down the slide with your friends, seeing who can get the highest as you jump off the swing, or testing your strength and agility on the monkey bars. For young kids, the park is in its own way like a greeting center. A way to interact with new people in a place they are comfortable with.
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However, as you move up the age ladder, the true use of the park becomes realized. For some kids the park is their own personal practice field for their important
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