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MoNoaY, AUGUST IO, 2W9 I l:30 - l:30 PM NAME Lesr Nnrae GIvsN NRt'le ID NUMBER SC CIIEM 2J20 6.0 Organic Chemistry i; Third Examination, Professor Michael G. Organ ' =, _ The exam consists of 7 questions on f! pages. Please make sure that your copy is complete before you begin. The points for each question are given at the beginning of the question in parentheses. Only the answers wfifien in the space indicated will be considered for marks. If you write beyond the space allocated, you will be dedutted at least I to 2 marks from the total for your answer. An extra piece of paper has been included for you to use to rough out your answers. Questions requesting explanations MUST be done in full proper sentence form. Answers filled out in pencil will NOT be considered for re-grading. DO NOT pull exam pages apart; if pages go missing you will receive zero for those missing pages. a Points Maximum I T2 2 9 3 24 4 20 5 l0 6 r0 7 l5 Total 100 IA PERIODIC TABLE OF THE ELEMENTS VIIA O * Lanthanide Series Note: Atomic masses shown here arc1977 IUPAC values. I H 1.0(B ilA IIIA IVA VA VIA I H 1.008 z He 4.003 o Li 5.941 I Be 9.012 c B tn nl b c 12.O11 T N 14.01 U o 16.00 I F 19.00 tu Ne 20.18 II Na ,2 9E 1Z Mo za.sb6 tttB tvB vB vlB vttB f uut -l lB llB t.t AI 26.98 l4 Si 28_086 to P 30.97 Ib s 32.06 -aI cl 35.45 IU Ar 39.95 IY K 39.10 zu Ga 40.08 zl Sc 44.96 tz Ti [7.90 z.t V 50-s42 e+ Cr 51.9S6 ZJ Mn 54.938 zo Fe 55.85 zt Co 58.93 z6 Ni i8.70 Cu i3,546 .tu Zn 65.38 ot 69.72 5Z Ge 72.59 JJ As 74.52 3.1 Se 78.96 itc Br 79.90 Jb Kr 83.80 3T Rb 85.47 JU Sr 87.62 39 Y 88.91 rru Zr 91.U2 .tl Nb 929 crz 95.94 tlJ Tc (e8) .yt Ru 101.07 45 Rh 102.9 .}tt Pd 106.4 +T Aq toz.{ r+o cd 112.41 49 ln 114.82 CU Sn 118.69 il Sb 121.75 JZ Te 127 A( c.t I 126.9{ c.l Xe 131 .3( 55 Cs 132.91 fo Ba 137.33 ,c, La 138.9 T2 Hf 178.49 T,' Ta 180.95 TC W 18tt.85 /c Re 186.2 Os 190.2 IT lr 152.22 T6 Pt 195.0S tv Au 196.97 UU Hg 200.6 UI TI 20d.37 vz Pb 207.2 UU Bi 208.98 6+ Po (2091 oc At {210} oo Rn (7rrl 87 Fr /.223l UU Ra 226.03 UY tlAc 227.0i tu+ unq 1261 ) 105 unp e62l 106 Unh (263) 't07 Uns ru9 JU Ce 140.12 0v Pr 140.9 ou Nd 144.24 61 Pm (14s) bz Sm 150.4 o.t Eu r51.96 o'+ Gd 157.25 bc Tb 158.9 rti 162.50 o, Ho 164.93 OU Er 167.26 b9 Tm 168.93 lo Yb t73.04 Lu 175.0 90 Th 232-OA 91 Pa '"i 6A 92 U t3n n? 93 Np ,47 IE 94 Pu tra l 95 Am t2431 96 Cm trLTl 97 BK IzL7l 98 cf (251l 99 Es ttltl Fm tt57l 101 Md trSRt 102 No r2591 103 Lr 2601 I tlncttnlde Series
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] . (a) (s points) Are the following compounds#:-: 'lEg aromatic' anti-aromatic, or non-aromatic. Place your answer on the space provlded below the structure.- ^ I ./) ,ranswerontnespaceprovrdeoDerowmesrrucrurc._ iy+/ ri\ 1(,' + rffi: 4;:: C,,,. 1 t@ t4 Et;A r:+1 (b) (4 points) Consider reactions (1) and (2) below where sodium hydride (base) is being used to deprotonate acids 5 and 7: HH (1) *\ \_ti 5 H;l' (-) lta 1+; \) -N/ - lo?
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Ans_exam3 - I M oNoaY A UGUSTO 2 W9 I l:30 l:30PM NAME Lesr...

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