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class Cellphone: def __init__(self,manu,model,price): self.manu = manu self.model = model self.price = price def setManu(self, newManu): self.manu = newManu def getManu(self): return self.manu def setModel(self, newModel): self.model = newModel def getModel(self): return self.model def setPrice(self, newPrice): self.price = newPrice def getPrice(self): return self.price Cellfile = open("phone.txt",'r')
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Unformatted text preview: Celllist = for aline in Cellfile: cell = aline.split() myCell = Cellphone(cell[0],cell[1],cell[2]) Celllist.append(myCell) for aline in Celllist: print(aline.getManu(),aline.getModel(),aline.getPrice()) aline.setManu("hello") aline.setModel("130000sx") aline.setPrice(100000000) for aline in Celllist: print(aline.getManu(),aline.getModel(),aline.getPrice())...
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