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lab 3 - Reaction Conditions Author Amber Bellafiore Lab...

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Reaction Conditions Author: Amber Bellafiore Lab Partner: Tracey Beyer Instructor: Zhen Li Chem 104A Section 17 Date Work Performance: Sept 10 th and 17th Date Report Submitted: Sept 24 th Abstract: The result of the lab showed that the optimal conditions for the reaction were for there to be 7 pumps of anhydride. All other factors tested showed no difference between the different variations tested and the control. To achieve these results, the technique of thin layer chromatography was used.
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Introduction The synthesis of chemicals is a fundamental procedure in chemistry. This process involves many steps including running the chemical reaction, separating out un-reacted materials, and the separation of the reacted solution. In this specific experiment, the factors affecting yield of a reaction were tested. Temperature, reaction time, the amount of anhydride and the amount of the catalyst were the factors that were varied, each independently, to see which condition would maximize the percent yield. To achieve this, each student team was assigned one variable to test (ours was time), a control test, and a black test in which the variable (time) is set at zero. Throughout all tests, our constants were temperature, amount anhydride and the amount of catalyst. In test tubes ferrocene was added with H 3 PO 4 and anhydride and the reaction was run at different times (15, 20, 25, 30, 35 minutes). After the solution has reacted the solid was collected and stored and dried. Once dried a thin layer chromatography or TLC was preformed to determine what was preset in the solid. To achieve this the solid was dissolved in toluene. On the TLC
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