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============================ CS 441 Fall 2010 -- JWJ Pre-class notes - do not distribute Tuesday, October 5, 2010 ============================ Review for Exam 1 Exam is scheduled for Thursday, Oct 7, 2010 The examination problems include a selection of problems from our textbook (perhaps slightly modified), problems similar to homework assignments, general questions related to compilers, flex (on the level of our pa assignment) and one problem that may require integration of facts and techniques and may involve a proof. Relevant problems from our textbook: A. Questions about phases of the compilation process, front and back end, a difference between compilation and interpretation. B. Constructions and algorithms:
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Unformatted text preview: Thompson's Algorithm (converting a Regex into a NFA) Eliminating left-recursion Left factoring Writing a recursive descent parser Nullable, FIRST and FOLLOW sets Constructing and using LL(1) parse tables C. Structure of a flex file. How patterns and actions are presented in flex. D. Problems selected from (possibly modified): (some of the problems are solved in http://www.diku.dk/hjemmesider/ansatte/torbenm/Basics/solutions.pdf ) Exercise 2.2 a Exercise 2.3 a Exercise 2.7 Exercise 2.9 a,b Exercise 3.1 Exercise 3.2 Exercise 3.3 Exercise 3.4 Exercise 3.5 Exercise 3.6 Exercise 3.9 Exercise 3.10 Exercise 3.11 Exercise 3.14 (in addition show parsing of a sample string)...
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