20101028 - The internal form improves the efficiency....

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============================ CS 441 Fall 2010 -- JWJ Pre-class notes - do not distribute Tuesday, October 28, 2010 ============================ Topics Interpretation. Intermediate code generation. Preparation for the syntax-directed translation. Concepts A guide to this presentation: - Interpretation – Chapter a (our textbook) Compiler -- translator from a high-level language to an assembly or machine language. Assembler - a translator form the assembly to the machine language. Interpreter -- accepts an input program in the source language and directly executes it, without producing a target language program. A pure interpreter analyzes each construct in the input and immediately executes it. A two phase interpreter translates the input program into an intermediate form and then executes the resulting code in the internal form.
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Unformatted text preview: The internal form improves the efficiency. [Example from Tom Niemann's tutorial (see below)] x = 0; while (x < 3) { print x; x = x + 1; } with output for the interpretive version, 1 2 and output for the compiler version. push 0 pop x L000: push x push 3 compLT jz L001 push x print push x push 1 add pop x jmp L000 L001: Sources Textbook - Chapter 5 On-line resource: http://www.lugbe.ch/action/reports/lex_yacc.pdf (Tom Niemann tutorial on Lex and Yacc) http://www.epaperpress.com/lexandyacc/index.html Programming Assignment PA2a Play with the code from the above Web pages. Write three programs in the language described in the above tutorial. Show the syntax-trees and the code for your sample programs. One of the programs should compute the number of combinations C(n,k) using an iterative algorithm....
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20101028 - The internal form improves the efficiency....

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