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hw2 - token as a pair as in the example below Use the...

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VERSION Sep 8, 2009 CS-441 Fall 2010 JWJ CS UK Homework Assignment # 2 —This material is only for use in CS441-Fall 2010 in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Kentucky.— —Please, do not distribute.— Due: solve by Tuesday, Sep 7, 2010 Learning outcomes: Lexical analysis and tokens. Lexical structure of a high-level programming language (Java). Tokenizing Java programs. Tasks and Questions The first part is a reading assignment to get familiar with the lexical structure of Java. The second part gives a Java program for tokenization. The assignment does not require Java programming or knowing Java. hw2.1: Read (at least ) the following two sections from a Java manual available at http://java.sun.com/docs/ books/jls/ : Section 2.2 and Chapter 3. Pay particular attention to token types. hw1.2 List all the types and subtypes of tokens in Java (based on the manual). Are comments in Java programs considered to be tokens? hw1.3 This part pertains to identifying tokens in a Java program; tokenize the following Java program. Present each
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Unformatted text preview: token as a pair, as in the example below. Use the terminology from the http://java.sun.com/docs/books/jls/ second_edition/html/lexical.doc.html#48198 for token types. Make sure that comments are handled correctly. (The below code is taken from http://www.leepoint.net/notes-java/ . public static void reverse(int b) { for (int left=0, int right=b.length-1; left<right; left++, right--) { // exchange the first and last int temp = b[left]; b[left] = b[right]; b[right] = temp; }//endmethod reverse Example: (one line from a Java program) public static void example_h2(int x) { The corresponding tokens are: <keyword, public> <keyword, static> 1 VERSION Sep 8, 2009 <keyword, void> <identifier, example_h2> <seperator, (> <keyword, int> <seperator, [> <seperator, ]> <identifier, x> <seperator, )> <seperator, {> 2...
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hw2 - token as a pair as in the example below Use the...

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