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Sean Daehn Creation: God created everything. He created everything in just seven days. On the first day God made the heavens and the earth but the earth’s surface was just a crisp cooling shell with boiling water. On the second day god created heaven. This includes the atmosphere or the blanket of air around earth. On the third day of God’s creating he created the land and the vegetation. Earth until that point must have had been entirely covered in water because after that the land appeared and is continental crust. New land and islands appeared out of nowhere and it was still warm from its own heat. There was a tropical climate everywhere and vegetation must have grown rapidly. On the fourth day, God created the sun, moon, and stars thus day and night, seasons and temperatures came. On the fifth day, God created sea animals and birds. Now it is getting more suited for human life like at first to now. On the sixth day, God made is most important creation, the human being. God also created land animals on the sixth day of his creative week. Finally, on
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