Evil - So much in fact, that he got himself cryogenically...

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Evil? Once upon a time there was an evil guy. His name was Mr. Evil. Actually, his name was Fred but, everyone just called him Mr. Evil. He threatened people and also he blackmailed people. He also hurt and killed people. Mr. Evil had a secret volcano lair which was a hollowed out volcano. It was on an island in the middle of the ocean. Mr. Evil had a lot of guards which were very slow and not well qualified to even be guards. They were really easy to get passed and no one ever got caught. There were a lot of intruders there. A spy by the name of John Smith snuck in and was looking around to find any evil plans that he might have. Smith was in Mr. Evil’s office looking and Mr. Evil walked in to find his Nintendo. He caught Smith and chased after him on a flying moped. Smith dived into the ocean and Mr. Evil never found him. Smith later changed his name to Justin Case just in case Mr. Evil ever went looking for him. Mr. Evil was very angry.
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Unformatted text preview: So much in fact, that he got himself cryogenically frozen for the next 20 years. While he was frozen, he was sent into outer space and orbited the earth. When he returned, he didn’t use his volcano lair any more, he had a new one behind the Hollywood sign. While he was gone, his evil associates got him cloned. His clone was like him in every way except that his clone was twice as tall. His clone was evil just like Mr. Evil. He decided to name his clone Super Me. They soon became very close friends. Now they just had to kill their biggest enemy, Hak Med, who was a spy for Iraq. They were always trying to defeat each other and could never do it. They would always wimp out and just call it a truce and say another time. Now was different though, Super Me wanted to kill Hak Med...
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Evil - So much in fact, that he got himself cryogenically...

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