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Explosion Lab Report - Explanation The changes in momenta...

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Explosion Lab Report Purpose: To develop a conceptual and mathematical model for a two or more particle explosion specifically focused on changes in momenta of the two particles during the explosion. Apparatus: Procedure: First we measured the mass of the two carts. Then, we had to record the two masses. Next, Joe hit the record button and Mr. W released the cars. After that we recorded the data. Then calculated the momentum before, after, and totals. Then we made a graph. Conclusion: Relationship: Model: ∆Pr=(-.92) •∆Pb Slope: (-.92) opposite changes in momenta
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Unformatted text preview: Explanation: The changes in momenta for the two particles are directly related. The model says that the change in momentum of the red car is the opposite of the change in momentum of the blue car. The system momentum before the explosion was zero and the system momentum after the explosion was also zero, the system momentum stayed the same. The system momentum stayed the same because during an explosion there are always opposite forces acting on the particles for the same amount of time which causes opposite change....
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