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Four Wheeling - and try not to get stuck You have to go...

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Sean Daehn Four Wheeling Four wheeling is my favorite activity. There are a lot of different things that you can do while four wheeling. You can drive slow to enjoy the scenery or you could drive fast. There are also different types of ATV’s. There are sport quads or racing. There are also utility four wheelers which are big and tough. You can also trail ride or you could go mudding. Trail riding is what most people do most of the time, but mudding is the most fun. You go through deep mud pits
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Unformatted text preview: and try not to get stuck. You have to go slow through patrolled areas so you don’t get busted by trail patrol. The speed limit is only 25 but, no one follows it. Over the summer is the best time to ride. Some people wear a ton of protective clothing. I only wear a helmet since it is all that is required by law. Last summer we didn’t go as much because gas was so expensive but, it is lower so I expect to do a lot of four wheeling, my favorite activity....
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