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Sean Daehn God the Father: God the Father. He is the most well known person of the Holy Trinity. He is the first person as well. Along with Jesus Christ the son and redeemer and the Holy Spirit the sanctifier or faith maker. God the Father is known as the creator. He is known as the creator because he alone and with the help has created all things. He created man, animals. He created the heavens and the earth. He created everything that you see here today. He is the final say in all things. If it were his will he could make anyone drop dead right where they stand although he does not do that very often. God the Father has no beginning and no end. He is begotten from eternity. For God the Father a minute for him could be a thousand years for us. It can also be the other way around as well. God the Father lives in heaven along with God the Son or Jesus Christ. Every christens ultimate lifelong goal is to one day be in heaven with God. God the Father knows everything. Yet he chooses to forgive and forget all of our sins, no matter how bad they are, he still loves us.
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