Gravitational Field Lab Report

Gravitational Field Lab Report - s m,(kg) 4 .4 Sean Daehn 7...

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Bucket Ring Spring Scale w w m Direct Relationship m slope weight mass gravity mass weight Sean Daehn Gravitational Field Lab Report Purpose:  To develop a mathematical model and conceptual model with the  weight of a particle on the surface of the earth and to find the relationship  between weight and mass. Apparatus:      Procedure:  First, we put some of the rings into the bucket. Then, we  weighed the bucket with our spring scale which measured the mass and  the weight. When we did that process 10 times, we used our data to create  a graph and to form a model and find out the slope. Weight  Newtons w,(N) Mass  Kilogram
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Unformatted text preview: s m,(kg) 4 .4 Sean Daehn 7 .7 8.5 .85 12 1.2 14.5 1.45 17 1.7 18.5 1.85 22 2.2 24 2.4 27 2.7 Table: Conclusion: Relationship: Sean Daehn Model: w e =(10 N / kg )m w=m . g Slope: (10 N / kg )=Gravitational field strength on surface of the earth Explanation: the relationship between weight and mass is direct and mass affects weight. The model is used to find the weight of an object on earths surface in Newtons. The slope is a display of how many Newtons there are in a kilogram on the surface of the earth and there are 10 Newtons per kilogram....
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Gravitational Field Lab Report - s m,(kg) 4 .4 Sean Daehn 7...

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