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Unformatted text preview: Sean Daehn How We Learn of God: There are two ways people learn of God, through word and also through sacrament. The first way is through sacrament. There are two main sacraments in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. The first one is the sacrament of holy baptism. The second one is the sacrament of the alter or Holy Communion, as known by most of the people. We get the first of these sacraments when we are young. We get the second of these when we get confirmed. The second way that we as christens learn of god is by hearing his word. We hear God’s word when we go to church and worship him. We also can hear the word of God from reading or listening to other people read the bible. Yet more ways we can learn of god is by watching T.V. programs, or listening to christen radio, or reading other books. Still the best way to learn about god and what he did for us is in the holy bible because it has no errors, it is perfect. To learn of god you should go to church. God commands you to go to church anyways so you should go even if it is not you should go to church....
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