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Unformatted text preview: Man: Man is by far the very most important of gods many visible beings. In the beginning, we were created in God’s image but as it says in the Holy Bible, we soon after fell away from it when Adam ate the fruit off of the tree in the Garden of Eden. Man was also created from absolutely nothing. Adam was created from the dirt on the ground. God just said what and there was Adam, the first ever man standing there in the Garden of Eden with no clothes on because he had no sin and God didn’t tell them that it was a bad thing to be naked. Soon thereafter god made Eve from Adam’s spare ribs. And there was the first ever female. Obviously, Adam and Eve were perfect for each other because they were the only two people on the planet. They were both perfect because they hadn’t fallen into sin. They with held the image of God perfectly. Jesus was also true man but he was also true god and that is why he is the only sinless human being ever to walk the face of the planet. Man is also saved from hell if we choose to believe the true faith. Man also the face of the planet....
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