Reflective Paper - Overall I’d say that my first semester...

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Sean Daehn Reflective Paper One thing that I wish that I knew before the first day of my freshmen year is where all of my classes were because, on the first day I was looking for my first hour class and I couldn’t find it. I was late to my first class. That is one thing that I wish that I knew. The high school is much different than the middle school because you get to pick your classes. So you may have older people in your classes instead of just people your own age. Another thing that is different is that there are different lunch periods. This way, not everyone is in the same lunch block. That is what is different between schools. My studying habits didn’t change at all. I never used to study and I still don’t. I would say that my study habits should change because as my classes get harder I will need to study to get good grades.
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Unformatted text preview: Overall I’d say that my first semester went well. The one class that I didn’t like was physical science. It was a stupid class and it also required a lot of Sean Daehn work. The most fun class that I had was by far computer class because we never had homework and we got to go on facebook and play games on the internet. I don’t think that it was exactly what I expected it to be. I thought that it would be harder than middle school.i also thought that it would go slow. Time went really fast. One thing that I would change is physical science. It would have been nice to take a different class that would actually benefit me. That class was useless and dumb. My goal for second semester is to get a 3.5 GPA or better. I will achieve this goal by trying hard and hand in most of my homework. That is about my school year so far....
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Reflective Paper - Overall I’d say that my first semester...

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