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PWS 3 - rnftsy=(c v svE Cvr,t*l vtnn a frc"r{t t ri.6...

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This worksheet is due at the beginning of your lab period. Use your lab manual and your textbook, if needed, to answer the questions. 1. Define the following terms: cardiac outpat - yotune of H.d iYI dw Ytih{^t$r- systemic vascular resistunce - ,<t'ts4an& l" t(W /,.{ mhr{ b *v*rtnre i f'^ bto"4 fr"e{'\ t'* ^"*U*V -We"^ mesnarterialbloodpressuFe - A,{rytp a"We.( bhd y*.r{e*2 stan\-fr, a what is the relationship between *," uuoi"rkt "
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Unformatted text preview: rnftsy= (c, v svE + Cvr \ ,t*l vtnn a frc"r{t*@ t ri,.6 f*f#{ & a- "*+n'1") k""{ bat {^*f rs*' fo ULitA tlc k4.t, ,Ls,"dt fu 6fifr{, t' 2. What is pulse? Wk'tt"t QA+ I^ Nryt "h' a^b*- i'il* pot{rf*{'>^ at a-' 4t4 N&7 c'nll, 3. Describe the events which produce the first and second heart E4 -) E"llu blorb ct blo*& tt""' sounds a ,q lV r*l'*g Sz --;' %drtu bt',* *+ bl.r{ {w* @ wi{**ry Yafxt I Prelab Worksheet Lab 3...
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