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BtoL 302 Lab 5: Anatomy and Histology of the Urinary System This worksheet is due at the beginning of your lab period. Use your lab manual and your textbook, if needed, to answer the questions. 1. Name the structures indicated by numbers in the diagram below. A ncflht*rrr B C D rfe;,{ t.ul ,,n"'r\ E f"t.", ffW , nfrrt, S,r^g G rtrul l,l+e H !.r-U{d I I K "..{-'hr^- L M N o P a R S
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Unformatted text preview: T U V r ,'n','( {' , fu 'r lv @a,' ': / Ib\f Jd"e&ftb lelr rt^a'{ W:n inferior mesenteric artery 'l,n{crrt'U;r r,'f,'ts$. LA'.r'{A left common iliac artery and vein left internal iliac artery and vein left external iliac artery and vein L M N p n s T U 2.,Trace the path of the urine from the nephron to the outside. Prelab Worksheet Lab 5...
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