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"Lab 68": Discussion On the graph bqlo:g plot the data you obtained i and fluid-deprif,eA subjects. f This worksheet i9 due at the beginning of your lab period. Use your lab manual and your textbook, if ne&&, to answer th" q.r"itiott. 19- urine flow rate for the normal il l0- 9- 8- Urine Flow Rate (mUmin) 7 6 5 4 3 2 I 0 tt tt 40 60 Time in minutes 80 100 20 0 Use a different symbol for the two groups, or a different color pen. Explain the results. Include in your explanation a discussion of the actions of the hormones ADH and aldosterone. How do the levels of these two hormones differ between the groups
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Unformatted text preview: across time? 1t {rt$r/y\e\ +6Vprk g,km tld Otw- c lilrf-- S'edv*{ 4" d'&h"d Yns',e qu;*dg--T\a t" d*t "{r -tt- t** pse ernde nf, 4P* *f atdos+q'n* * bl*" i*i* v,sq&&' d nuAcA {- ba. W{"'V'rl" j}t t^fl rt -nt{ {f-",,f-a"Ernl cn\lecls ;"{ J^, a" \ hlrt'\ \a,st ,f Au{l + ild,*4a"tue-;i * 5:{"/+ - ,t -tL{ e*y'-w""'*; "Liln hren/ "S 6vbt "tfo^e; wfural, t!* rrra,{rrnnl Sul\ek {rUre "t^h\otCI lox \arvle {}+'r,ryh s*& "ra*$ {AT^\^^*,ADtt -( "\tCIs{ffir1ff;gffi" * 6tx66s''w trrsr flw rak'...
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