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PWS 7 - d*c 4 Ltt it"gre lNV"eW [email protected] cvt&e...

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Lab 7: Respir 2.Whatls emphysema? How does any particular characteristic? dniutt4'wk'N ggnaa{n* u'n{f5 W\ a [l {u<'v 1^t . $Wt, yhu** ur{*n #^atg Pt l',,'''*f "kttn4- 3. Name the layers of the respiratory membrane. t fi\wo54 2, g"bunwcosh 2 lfa'tiw caYhl"l* ,,' <l , rl , aduan hhtt BtoL 302 This worksheet is due at the beginnizg of your lab period. Use your lab manual and your textbook, if needed, to answer the questions. 1. Fill in the table below. it effect compliance? Do patients who have the disease show $o 4\.t ^* lunTs lu ,,,t fi,plioru f
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Unformatted text preview: d*c 4, Ltt # it"gre lNV"eW, [email protected] cvt&e E{'6t fur'5 '*fr'V Structure Type of epithelium Features of submucosa Shape of cartilage, if nresent Trachea *o r/rafunhi'ftd r^ I ;d{4 ' ,,,1"*no" ullJ ffit-fVW7hont yn'/'uu' -.9obl4+ dtS rlr*1ih Ar.t;tu cutA'I*P )^ rvy # "c" Bronchiole 6trckd 6b& *c{**{na*f .cilir^ + qobl"ts t 1o 6b*ti '1ail* vhtrl{.l. 'nTYl€-Respiratory bronchiole 9l** ouh,rl*{ 'r$n'o'h' na& n'o c o,/r'l,rL Alveolus t h* sqwvn&us . c-a1,'(arX n o ca rr5 la74' Prelab Worksheet LabT...
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