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T fRv + t\ I rR\ I 2. Using your own words as much as TT possible, define the following terms: fig from lab boo[< I TV - i- nfl{,l'1^l Vl{a, iro'( t'f a ''l I / b't'' irhrd lfr i t f_r [r. (v,'i';''X ,r., ! t RV*'fu Xi"uoi",;- i:t air lJ-' I I -.'p i,. o [;'.1i r''{ i''.0 t"-"q I I f'\.,\)., ,t;.':;i [., , \rff * {',, *d rJ j I I VC - "'f'1. t "; 'p ;-r ri '' f $rq ' i1 ": &"' f [,r, !.- 'i.,q' { '} h'k'ig d u Y iu"n "f:'* I $c.e.J*r lj tpo'"e ''ti*
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Unformatted text preview: bi.o' l'-*:{r r \f c' $irdfx"' I {''!'""ti I rLC - "rb.r ;:,:';l .{ r , j. I ft''- t''*';6 *{t't ri5 | lry} r:'l?i:li1 itt l1'"+$:""' h ' tl !,r,,, . ,: L4 J-Brol 302 ..,. ., Lab 8: Spirometry This worksheet is due at the beginning of your lab period. Use your lab manual and your textbook, if needed, to answer the questions. 1. On the figure to the right, label TV, VC, IC, ERV, and lRV. Prelab Worksheet Lab 8...
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