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PWS 11 - f.ov.4n.lii{r f*rii hn*l E P It fn ii f-s...

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Btol 302 Lab 11: Digestive System Anatomy This worksheet is due at the beginning of your lab period. Use your lab manual and your textbook, if needed, to fill in the table below. _-> STRUCTURE FUNCTION Salivary glands rr,{tx'.{' .."{r" d f't*i:'* -{ l'!rrf;r* f.++"f$,\r.v 5 Esophagus CtlCr, I i ;, f'vt;''4 dn" i'rr'i;rs i'rr' ii Stomach -raikt\r7 6v-r"r' t d'"fl'&J rr't,d}tu*d /' - s{-"-; * *{ #;,*-*-r A;.'a-r, Pyloric sphincter
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Unformatted text preview: f.ov.4n.lii- {r.* f.'*rii {{ hn*l* E P It fn ii.'! f'-s ri;,;1"*t'P "1i: Duodenum- -\:'. . ,, ' -o ,# ,n*fui,&.#'s {:-ou*-,., 3-{'tii'f'1 Ileocecal valve l irr*ii fu rp{ {t"l *'r d o-, f sv,'e-6o*4r.*i'* ,\ i;' '{\-" ii e urn, Liver frud,r"r+t +' 54 gx{ I'c fi14 Gallbladder r./*'-" L;f s-Pancreas &rrrJi,.T.,{i-{$;t s{ :l',, l-i a '{'+ 3'" tae :i;1' Prelab Worksheet Lab 11...
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