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\A , \g X 'o X \- 8t"",,?t /\' Fall 2009 Histology I { Nu , one twe of cell visible on this slide. r' i.i,t ,;.1 , ' n;: {brobtal+r, mASt Crt! ek. .. 2. Identify the cell type found in this tissue on this microscope slide. /stralifiedsquamousepithelium 4llsimplesquamousepithelium / simple cuboidal epithelium (e.)seudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium " c. simple columnar epithelium 3. B-are membrane specializations of this cell tlpe that move small particles away from the lungs. a.-Microvilli @lti" c. Brush borders d. Gap junctions e. Desmosomes 4.& 5. Name 2 of the 4 basic tissue types found in the body. (2 pts.) Mnn&ilv€ h<S'** e(il-kl;el 4''"'e 6. Conirective tissue is classified accord.ing to ffi a. the shape of the cetts @he components of the matrix c. the aruangement of the ce1ls d. the size of the ce1ls c. the number of tight junctions 7. Ligaments are composed
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Unformatted text preview: of D . a, hyaline cartilage b. loose connective tissue c. fibrocar-tilage G)!ttt. regular ionnective tissue e. dense irregular connective tissue 8. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of epithelial tissue? n*r- epithelial tissue lines the lumen of blood vessels. {epithelial tissue is composed of densely packed cells. y''epithelial tissue adheres firmly to connective tissue. @pitn.fial tissue is vascularized. /epithelial tissue is classified according to the shape and arrangement of its cells. g. (-. is found in the intervertebral discs. ^. Hyaline cartilage b. Elastic cartilage Sibrocartilaee d. Adipose tissue e. Transitional epithelium 10. Which of the following is a type of connective tissue? a. areolar tissue b. adipose tissue c. elastic cartilage d. bone Ott are types of connective tissue p-+"ap**...
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