Quiz 6 - I X Biorogy Fall 2009 Quiz #6 Nerve Conduction...

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Unformatted text preview: I X Biorogy Fall 2009 Quiz #6 Nerve Conduction Veiocity 301 6 1 Questions 6 through 8 are from the computer simulation. Put the correct letter choice in the blank. 6D 7.> 8B 9. All of the following are found at the neuromuscular junction EXCEPT a. motor endplate b. synaptic end bulb c. acetvlcholinesterase @",ririt" e. ACh receptors 10. Neurons with diameter axons conduct action potentials more @t""rler, slowly b. smaller, rapidly c. medium, rapidly d. larger, slowly . e.aandd f.bandc ...
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