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Quiz 11 - irregular shallow waves ^ n L-What was your...

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f \'t Biology 301 FaiI 2009 Quiz #11 Electroencep halo graphy l' In the lab, you measured EEG a. sleeping state b. jov activity from - regions of the brain. d. satisfaction e. epilepsy h \ d. \ 9. What was your least favorite or memorable Bio 301 Tt* g&c*E& $*"*.uh f*S 10. a. frontal b. parietal c. temporal ffi")r False. A normal EEG can be seen even when considerable brain Wage is present. 3. The presence of theta waves in an adult indicates "1" occurs when a subject opens there eyes and devotes their attention to an object and the EEG rhythm changes to fast,
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Unformatted text preview: irregular, shallow waves. ^ n L-What was your favorite or most memorable Bio 301 t#'#&3 g,**' #** #Yd -3* 4k normally found in awake children high frequency waves in mentally active adults associated with adult sleep associated with laughing infants found in relaxed adults lab. vigr\Ev. l* fo lab.--.--5.---(u. n"tr .or.rrurrii} b. NREM \.}.tnnr block d. An EEG flat line e. Nothing w \ 5.-8. Match the EEG wave with its description. {-[- s. alpha waves f7" lJ 6. beta waves 7. theta waves 8. delta waves...
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