BUSN379_Extra_Credit_Assignments - BUSN 379 (Finance) Extra...

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Extra Credit Ch. 1, Pg 21-22 Ex. 1, 2 1. a. Credo’s net sale is $57,115,000,000 b. Credo’s net earnings per share is $3,640,000 c. Credo’s dividend paid per share is $1,795,000 Credo is cooperative to their customers and employees because its not only gives you a chance to work together outside the company but also gives insights of the company’s moral, principles, and visions and contribution to the community. The company understands customer and employee needs and values employees and provides the greatest working environment and condition, and values consumers as individuals who have different needs and priorities. From all of this an employee or customer to determine if the company is an organization worth being with measuring their values and what ethical dilemma is going on with organization. The company’s ethics represent their recognition and fairness to each individual in the organization. 2.
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BUSN379_Extra_Credit_Assignments - BUSN 379 (Finance) Extra...

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