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ISS 210 003 Dr. Handrick Quiz 2 Form A Page 1 Fall 2010 QUIZ 2 NAME: ____________________________________ Form A 1. This examination consists of 40 multiple-choice questions. Do not omit any. 2. Write your name in the upper right hand corner of this test booklet. . 3. Choose the single best answer to each question. Double marked items will be scored wrong. You score will be the number of items marked correctly. 4. When finished, sign your answer sheet, make sure you’ve entered your PID correctly, and return it with this test booklet. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. This exam is… A) Form A B) Form 2. Which of the following has been said to be an advantage of bipedalism (walking on 2 legs) over quadrupedalism (walking on 4 legs)? A) It is more energy-efficient B) It frees up the hands for carrying things C) It helps the body stay cooler in a hot environment D) All of the above 3. According to the textbook and lecture notes, which of the following is the earliest hominid? A) P. robustus B) A. afarensis C) H. habilis D) A. anamensis 4. According to lecture and the textbook, why as Jane Goodall’s work with chimpanzees lead scientists to redefine what is human? A) She proved once and for all that humans evolved from chimpanzees B) Her observations showed that humans are not the only tool-making primates C) She proved that there is a subspecies of bipedal chimpanzees D) None of the above 5. Eugene Dubois is best known for finding the remains of which of the following on Java in 1891? A) Hobbits B) Homo erectus C) Homo neanderthalensis D) Piltdown Man 6. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of H. neanderthalensis ? A) Occipital “bun” C) High forehead and arching brain case B) Large brow ridge D) Thick bones and massive joints The occipital bun – the protruding, rounded back of the low rather flat Neanderthal skulll is one of its defining characteristics and contrasts sharply with the high forehead and arching braincase of Homo sapiens. 7. The Mousterian stone tool technology is associated with which of the following? A) Homo erectus Acheulian B) Modern Humans Blades C) Chimpanzees None D) Neanderthals 8. DNA evidence seems to support which explanation for the spread of Modern Humans around the Earth? A) Replacement Hypothesis C) Multiregional Hypothesis B) Punctuated Equilibrium D) Diffusion Hypothesis 9. For what reason are males more likely to be affected by harmful traits caused by defective genes? A) The X chromosome rarely has any genetic defects. B) The Y chromosome does not contribute enough genetic material to counteract disorders carried on the X chromosome C) Males tend to engage in more high risk behaviors resulting in genetic damage. D)
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T04_Q02A_FS10_210_-_Keyed - QUIZ 2 NAME: _ Form A This...

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