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ISS 210 003 FS109 Page 1 of 4 Dr. Handrick Quiz Three (Test 4) Form A ISS 210 SOCIETY AND THE INDIVIDUAL NAME ____________________________________ QUIZ 3 FALL 2010 Professor Handrick Form A 1. This examination consists of 40 multiple-choice questions. Do not omit any. 2. Print your NAME but DO NOT PRINT YOUR STUDENT NUMBER in the upper right hand corner of this test booklet. 3. Sign the answer sheet and make certain you have entered your PID correctly. 4. Choose the single best answer to each question. Double marked items will be scored wrong. You score will be the number of items marked correctly. 5. When finished, return your answer sheet with this test booklet. ________________________________________________________________________ 1. This exam is… A) Form A B) Form B 2. A person from the United States who travels to Japan and greets people with a handshake as opposed to a bow would be an example of which of the following? A) Cultural Relativism B) Ethnocentrism C) Adaptive Modification D) Cultural Interference 3. According to the class lecture, humans are __________ creatures. A) Bioethnographical B) Biocultural C) Bioecological D) Bioethnic 4. All religions are associated with some sort of food taboo where eating certain foods, like pork or shellfish, goes against the religious beliefs of the group. Saying that people do not eat pork or shellfish because they carry disease would be an example of a/an __________. A) Traditional explanation C) Functional explanation B) Scientific explanation D) Ethnocentric explanation 5. A society that has well-integrated, positive and consistent beliefs about alcohol consumption, such as France, and experiences fewer alcohol related problems, is considered what type of society, according to the Fox and Marsh article? A) Primitive Society B) Dry Society C) Temperance Society D) Non-Temperance Society 6. According to lecture and the textbook, a person from France who comes to the United States and eats snails, something that is not a cultural norm in the U.S., would be demonstrating an example of which of the following? A) Cultural Persistence C) Cultural Relativism B) Ethnocentrism D) Adaptive Modification 7. To different people or different groups, a flag can represent a country, a cultural movement, pride, identity, and countless other things. According to lecture, a flag is an example of which of the following? A) A sign B) A symbol C) A ritual D) A social control 8. Moderate, unproblematic drinking is the “norm” in most cultures, while abstention and excessive drinking are “abnormal.” A) True B) False 9. To avoid speaking the name of a dead person in Yanomamo society or carrying on everyday activities before the seal that has been killed can be butchered in Inuit society are examples of which of the following? A)
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T04_Q03A_FS10_210003_-_Keyed - ISS 210 SOCIETY AND THE...

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