IntroInfo-2010 - Econ001 General Information The syllabus...

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Unformatted text preview: Econ001: General Information The syllabus gives you a class-by-class outline of the material I expect to cover. It also includes the dates for the on-line experiments, midterms and final in this course. This page includes some other information that will help you find your way in this course and answer some logistical and pedagogical questions. I. Blackboard During this course we will make extensive use of the web-based program Blackboard (abbreviated Bb) to distribute homework, refer you to additional readings, and give you feedback on your exam results and more. Please make sure you are able to log on to this course site by trying out the following page: and following the link from there. You should have two sites for this course: a lecture-wide site and a recitation-specific site. If you don’t have both (at least within one week), you are not properly registered for this course and will not get a grade! II. Course Structure Each week we have lectures on Monday and Wednesday, plus a recitation session on either Thursday or Friday. You should attend both lectures and recitations, as there will be different material covered in each. Exam questions will assume you attended all lectures & recitations. III. Homework Assignments Weekly homework assignments will be posted on the lecture-wide Bb site under the “Assignments” tab. Each assignment includes: a. A set of 10 multiple-choice questions . This is a self-assessment tool that allows you to check if you understand the basic concepts. You may take these multiple times. b. A short answer section . This you should complete by your next recitation and hand in to your instructor. These are not graded, but you will get feedback on your performance. This also allows us to find out how students are doing. III. MyEconLab The textbook is accompanied by an on-line study guide & assignment package called MyEconLab. Up to 5 % of your grade is based on MyEconLab homework completion as discussed below. Instructions to log-on to MyEconLab will be given during class on September 15 th . Do not miss this introduction. MyEconLab keeps track of how you answer homework questions and, through its study plan feature, recommends additional questions to help you brush-up on topics where you need to do more work. Students are strongly encouraged to strengthen their grasp of the course material by working with MyEconLab's sample test and study plan features. Homework assignments, sample tests and study plan questions closely match chapters in...
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This note was uploaded on 12/14/2010 for the course ECON 001 taught by Professor Stein during the Fall '07 term at UPenn.

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IntroInfo-2010 - Econ001 General Information The syllabus...

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